Moral Code, An Innovative New Application For Those Struggling With Moral Dilemmas Is Here!

Released on: November 27, 2012, 4:02 pm
Industry: Software

MORAL CODE allows people to find solutions to their dilemmas by sharing them anonymously with other people.

Los Angeles, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- One Twelve Productions launched its new app, Moral Code. This groundbreaking iOS app allows adults with any kind of moral dilemma to quickly get the advice and guidance from other people, anonymously and Moral Coders in turn get to share their thoughts and opinions on the issues. “We wanted to create an app that was a lot of fun while at the same time a valuable tool for those in need for answers to their moral dilemmas, big or small”, said Gracen Lew, CEO of One Twelve Productions.

Moral Code is also designed for those who think they know it all and love giving advice. The app features a very user-friendly interface to either pick a dilemma, browse through different categories or type in a key word or phrase, then advice away. “Sometimes, the advice from family or friends is just not enough and that’s when Moral Code comes especially handy including the benefits of collective intelligence”, added Lew. A very simple yet well thought out system. And to step it up a notch, before you participate in a dilemma, the Moral Coders must select from two buttons, Naughty or Nice. Each dillemma will post the latest stats on how many of those who have participated in your dilemma says to be good or go for naughty.

Moral Code has already gotten rave reviews by many who have tried it.

"I didn’t realize how much I love giving advice. I couldn’t stop. And being that it was anonymous, I felt I had the ability to give my full opinion without having to filter, so it felt more complete,honest and whith out a doubt, cathardic." Moral Coder 1

“I didn’t realize I had so many dilemmas pent up inside me. With Moral Code, I found myself sharing dilemmas that I thought I had already dealt with, but apparently not. I now have a place where I can revisit that dilemma and get more resolution because so many more people get to chime in and give me more insight than I had gotten before." Moral Coder 2

“OMG. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! So addictive. Just reading the dilemma and the responses alone is totally worth getting. I launch this app while I in line at the store, during my lunch break. I can’t get enough. I’ve told everyone I know about this app and it’s brought up at least once a day by someone and what they came across. My new favorite guilty PLEASURE!" Moral Coder 3

Moral Code is available on iTunes.

Free for the first three entries, then available for purchase for $1.99 and the Moral Code world is yours.

For more information please log on e-mail us at

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